Chingford Professional Carpet Cleaning


Are your carpets dying to be cleaned? Not just cleaned but professionally sanitised and disinfected? It feels like you bought them months ago, but they are already worn out and soiled? Do not panic. We have an easy and efficient solution for all of you, residents and business contractors in Chingford, who are in search of a professional carpet cleaning service which happens to be affordable as well.

We have established our cleaning company in Chingford so we can be close to as many people as possible. We offer thorough list of cleaning services but today we are glad to introduce you to our carpet cleaning.

It is one of our specialities and we are proud that it is also one of the most booked services of our company. We have been around for so many years to know what customers expect from us and to know how to meet or even exceed their expectations.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Price
Landing Carpet £4
Bedroom Carpet £23
Livingroom Carpet £26

If you are looking for such professional and reliable carpet cleaning company, make sure to choose ours. You will not find any better than us throughout the entire Chingford. When you give us a call or meet us in person we will introduce you to our cleaning sessions.

When you make your appointment with us, we will send our best cleaners straight to your home. There is no need to bring your carpets to our offices- we work on site, for your convenience.

Our technicians will hoover all your carpets and pre-treat the most stained and soiled areas. Then by usage of the deep steaming machine, also known as hot water extraction method, they will eradicate entirely all pollutants and germs not only from the top fibres but from deep in the base as well.


When they are done with these steps, they will deodorise and disinfect the carpet, leaving fresh scent in your entire property. Thanks to our technologies, you will be able to enjoy your carpeting for a longer span of time.

Maintaining your carpets clean and healthy is not something to be neglected. Contact our carpet cleaning company and let us take care of them.

“If I had to pick up all over again, I’d still book your professional cleaning services without hesitation. I loved the fact that your cleaning company uses only environmentally friendly cleaning products and that my pet could play on the carpet as soon as you finished cleaning it – Brandon”