Southgate Professional Carpet Cleaning

carpetKeeping the carpets well-sanitised must be a priority for every homeowner. Except for the fact that floor coverings are usually a serious investment and need good care, their pile constantly attracts dust. If not cleaned regularly, every carpet becomes a source of bacteria and expose people’s health at risk.

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning in Southgate, our company is your best alternative. Trustworthy, reliable and efficient, this is how customers describe us.

When you book a carpet cleaning with us, you can expect fully trained technicians, specialised equipment and pristine standards of cleanliness. We constantly strive for improvement and therefore, our representatives are real masters at cleaning all types and sizes of floor coverings.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Price
Landing Carpet £4
Bedroom Carpet £23
Livingroom Carpet £26

You can find them in the entire area 7 days per week. Just contact us and we will send one of them to your address. They will not just sanitise your carpet but contribute to the overall healthy living environment.

As a result of several years of core commitment, our company is today one of the leading cleaning contractors in Southgate. Thanks to the hard work of our vetted and knowledgeable cleaners, we were able to make a trusted name for professionalism and reliability.

Our present cleaning personnel is comprised of experienced and diligent individuals. The senior members have vast expertise in carpet cleaning, serving as an example for the new arrivals. All our representatives are trained to deal with a variety of carpet cleaning issues and incorporate durable cleaning results.

Except for dedication, success demands also efficiency, it is our priority to explore a variety of cleaning methods and provide our valued customers with the most advanced carpet cleaning solution. Hot water extraction is currently recognised as the most efficient way to disinfect a carpet. Our technician will inject purified water under high pressure into the floor covering, which will push the grime to the surface. From there it will be extracted by the means of high powered equipment.

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If our proposal seems attractive to you, don’t miss to contact us for more information. Except for high standards of cleanliness, we are able to surprise you also with discounted prices and quick assistance in the entire Southgate.

“I had absolutely no idea that my carpet could look as good as new, but you made it look that way! Your carpet cleaning services are everything a woman with five Persian cats need to keep her carpet in a perfect condition. I recommend you to all of my friends – Jenna”