Camberwell Professional Carpet Cleaning

carpetIf your carpets are in need of cleaning, we can be very helpful. Our carpet cleaning service is one of a kind on the Camberwell market with hundreds of clients from all over London. We uphold our high standards and keep our prices low so that the service is accessible to as many people as possible. If you are interested, just give us a call.

When we get a call, we first make sure to introduce the caller to the service before anything else. They have to know how the service proceeds from start to finish without any details being missed. Everything is explained to them from start to completion of the carpet cleaning service.

If the caller has questions about the service, we make sure to provide them with all of the answers surrounding the Camberwell filed that they need. We do not allow ourselves to have any clients who don’t know what they are paying for and regret coming to us.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Price
Landing Carpet £4
Bedroom Carpet £23
Livingroom Carpet £26

After the client makes hires the carpet cleaning service, we notify our cleaning team and they make sure to arrive at the client’s home right on time. They of course also expect from the client to be home as well at that time, otherwise, they will just have to leave.

Before the cleaning team arrives, the client needs to prepare their home for the procedure. Any movable furniture needs to be lifted from the carpets and all fragile objects should be secured. If the client has any pets, they will have to take them in safe area so that they wouldn’t panic or bother cleaning team.

After the team arrives, they get to work right away. First, they start off with regular vacuuming of the carpets so that any small bits and dust can be taken care of.

Abbey Wood

After that comes steam cleaning. Powerful jests of hot water mixed with Eco products get injected in the carpets with the purpose to deep clean them.

And the procedure finishes off with drying off of the carpets, as the water from the carpets is sucked up and pumped into a tub.

All equipment and products are as the most appropriate choice from the Camberwell market, with the purpose of having the best and healthiest results.

“I have never seen my carpets in a better condition than after using your services. I am happy I trusted you and you didn’t let me down, even more – you surprised me and surpassed my expectations! Good job! I am impressed! I will definitely recommend you to my friends! – Nancy”