Plumstead Professional Carpet Cleaning

carpetIf you start noticing that your carpets are dirty and know that they need to get more than just vacuumed, they you should probably get to getting the deep cleaned. This tasks is not exactly something you can do on your own. If you decide to, you can hire our carpet cleaning service.

We are a top choice on the Plumstead market with a large number of satisfied clients just from this past season. We have set out bar pretty high and we make sure to always uphold our standards.

If you want to give us a try, all you have to do is contact us. When you do, we will first start off by introducing you to the service. We do this to all of our new clients to make sure that they are certain weather or not they actually want to hire us.

After the introduction is over, if you happen to have any questions about the carpet cleaning service or anything else surrounding the Plumstead area, go ahead and ask, our team has all of the answers that you need, plus, it is our priority to insure that you and every other client know what they are paying for.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Price
Landing Carpet £4
Bedroom Carpet £23
Livingroom Carpet £26

When all that is done, then you will Move on the hiring and booking of the appointment, after which we will notify out team who will make sure to be at your home right on time.

They also expect from you to be home as well, they can’t just walk in. If there is no one home, they will have to leave.

You also need to prepare your home for the procedure so lift any light and movable furniture from the carpets and take your pets to a safe space where they won’t panic or bother the team.


The cleaning starts as soon as they arrive. They will vacuum the carpets first and after that proceed with the deep cleaning as powerful jets of boiling water mixed with a cleaning product are injected deep into the carpet to treat the stains and destroy everything unpleasant. That is how it’s done by professionals in the Plumstead field.

“Thank you guys for showing up on such a short notice and making my carpets sparkling clean again. I sure thought I had to throw out my favorite carpets, but thanks to you I get to enjoy them for a few more years. You guys are the best! – Mila”