Arkley Professional Carpet Cleaning

carpetBid dust and allergens at home a farewell by having your carpets professionally cleaned! Our amazing teams of cleaners will clean and disinfect your rugs and carpets, leaving your home sparkling and freshly smelling. Our dedicated carpet cleaning service, available across Arkley, provides excellent results, affordable rates and a guaranteed customer satisfaction!

Most people don’t even realise it, but the floors and the carpets, in particular, are the filthiest place in the entire house. Deep in their structure, they accumulate dust, dirt and moisture, becoming a suitable environment for the development of moulds and various types of bacteria. Only professionally conducted the deep carpet cleaning guarantees removal of dirt and microbes. Moreover, done on a regular basis – once or twice a year – it maintains the good condition of the carpet, making it appear new and fresh.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Price
Landing Carpet £4
Bedroom Carpet £23
Livingroom Carpet £26

    This is why our company specialises in high-quality carpet cleaning services. We don’t just clean your floor coverings – we provide them with the best care possible. We serve hundreds of customers in Arkley and the nearby boroughs like Hampstead, Brent Cross, Kentish Town and others, offering them our expertise in cleaning various types of rugs and carpets. Using chemical-free detergents, we avoid damaging the fibres and we create a safer and more natural environment for you and your family.

    Depending on the kind of carpet, we select suitable cleaning materials, as well as efficient hoover cleaners and steam machines. Unlike most steam cleaners you can buy, our machines have the power to suck not only the dirt and dust but also almost all the moisture of the carpet. Stains are removed, high-traffic areas look like new and there is no sign of any bacteria.

    After only one cleaning session, your carpet will be immaculately cleaned and deodorised. In just a few hours, it will be all dry, so you don’t need to be concerned about damaging your hardwood floor.

    Book our carpet cleaning package in Arkley easily online or on the phone. Customise the cleaning visits by choosing your preferred type of detergent or day of the week. Share any specific requirements that you have with our customer service assistants, so that our cleaners can meet all your expectations!

    “The minute I found out the cleaning teams at One Off are using environment-friendly products when they clean the carpets, I had to test them. Being a person with allergies I tend to have some issues with chemicals, but after their cleaning everything was just fine. Thank you! – Fiona”