Camden Town Professional Carpet Cleaning

carpetTake a proper care of your beautiful carpets and keep your home healthy and dust-free by choosing our professional carpet cleaning services. We will not just clean all your floor coverings, we will get you rid of all the dust and bacteria in the rugs, transforming your entire home. Our company is a reputable and well-established professional cleaning services provider in Camden Town and offers the finest carpet cleaning in the area.

Weekly maintenance with a hoover cleaner removes larger pieces of dirt and pet hair, but a huge amount of filth remains deep within the carpet fibres. Along with grime, the carpets are usually inhabited by dust mites, bed bugs and various types of dangerous bacteria. They can cause a wide range of allergies and illnesses if not eliminated entirely.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Price
Landing Carpet £4
Bedroom Carpet £23
Livingroom Carpet £26

    And this can be achieved only by professional carpet cleaning, where specialised detergents and the power of hot steam can fully sanitise any surface. Such deep carpet cleaning is recommended by health agencies and carpet manufacturers. It should be performed at least once or twice a year, or even more frequently if you have a pet.

    This is why our company specialises in providing excellent carpet services to Camden Town, Hendon, Kilburn, Mill Hill and other areas residents. We guarantee top results and successful removal of most stains after just one cleaning session. With work with precision and diligence, and we offer very attractive prices.

    Our carpet cleaning service can be booked on any day of the week in Camden Town and in the adjacent boroughs. It includes proper hoovering, pre-treating of stains or heavily soiled areas, and deep steam cleaning. It is performed on the spot and doesn’t require much time. The process also extracts 95% of the moisture to avoid the spreading of moulds and bacteria in the otherwise damp environment. Your carpet is completely dry in just a few hours, so any damage on hardwood floors is also prevented.

    The cleaning technicians we work with are all strictly vetted, qualified and equipped with industrial grade gear to guarantee fast and efficient performance.

    In order to create a healthier and more natural environment for you and your family, we use environmentally-friendly detergents. They are free of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients, so they are a safer alternative for the planet and for your health.

    “My husband always complains about the condition of our fluffy carpets. The deep cleaning services One Off provided and especially the vacuuming and dusting have been more than amazing! Thank you for our clean carpets, One Off! – Bethany”