Somers Town Professional Carpet Cleaning

carpetUsually, people deep clean their carpets only after moving in a property or following renovation works. But the carpets are the dirtiest place in the entire house because deep within them you can find not just dust and dirt, accumulated over years, but also various bacteria and allergens. Having your carpets professionally cleaned by our experts will remove all these efficiently and quickly. Our company offers the finest carpet cleaning services in Somers Town, as well as the most competitive prices on the market.

Proper carpet cleaning and maintaining are very important for the health of your family. When walking, we spread the dust and allergens in the air, breathing them in constantly. This can trigger allergies and cause symptoms such as irritation of the eyes, respiratory problems, redness and infection of the skin, and many others. In children, symptoms may be extremely acute.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Price
Landing Carpet £4
Bedroom Carpet £23
Livingroom Carpet £26

    This is why our Somers Town based company specialises in providing high-quality carpet cleaning service. We are aware of the health benefits of perfectly sanitised carpets, but we also focus on keeping the carpets fresh and new-looking for long. Thanks to the high-end technologies we use and the modern cleaning methods we employ, we are able to significantly extend the life of your carpet. Our hoover cleaners and steam machines are extremely efficient and have great sucking power, compared to consumer models. You could find us in the following areas: John’s Wood, Colindale, Kingsbury and others.

    Striving for perfect cleaning results, we carefully choose our cleaning technicians, as well. They are hired after a detailed selection and personal interviews, while later, they go through regular training. Competent and possessing great expertise, they are properly equipped to fight any stain and dirt on your carpet.

    To make our carpet cleaning method really healthy and natural, we treat all floor coverings with only eco-friendly detergents. This way we avoid the spread of toxic chemicals throughout your home.

    Hire our carpet cleaning service every six months to ensure your rugs and carpets are deeply and professionally cleaned. You can book our service 7 days a week and not just in Somers Town, but in the adjacent boroughs, as well. Get in touch with our customer service assistants on the phone or use our online platform to receive a free estimate.

    “The carpet cleaners did such a good job with our carpet tiles flooring. Even though it’s a slightly new type of carpeting, you managed to clean even the hardest to clean stains and the dirt in one of the corners. Jemima and Anna have been a life-savers for us! – Helen”