Rotherhithe Professional Carpet Cleaning

carpetAt our cleaning company, based in Rotherhithe, we truly believe that clean carpets contribute to a healthy home environment. Over the years we have perfected our cleaning methods and today we are sure that nothing sanitises your carpets better than the ultramodern hot water extraction method. Using environmentally friendly cleaning techniques, our experted cleaners work hard to provide you with clean and healthy carpets.

Our deep steam cleaning does not involve the use of harsh chemicals or toxic products. Instead, we use only safe cleaning detergents that leave no soapy residues which will ensure long-lasting cleanliness.

The best part is that we worked hard on shortening the drying off time which means that we will leave your carpets almost dry as we suction up to 95 percent of the moisture. Clean and dried off!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Price
Landing Carpet from £4
Bedroom Carpet from £23
Livingroom Carpet from £25

    All of our operatives have been thoroughly trained on a professional level. From the moment they step over your threshold, they will get down to work. The technologies and techniques they use are unlike anything else offered by our competitors in Rotherhithe.

    Our hot water extraction method leads to outstanding results, making it the best treatment for stained carpeting.

    Even though it is essential to apply proper vacuuming on your carpets every once in a while we advise all people in Rotherhithe to seek out for professional carpet assistance and choose us for their supplier. Throughout the years, we have managed to get to know our customers better and today we know what they need. That is why we have set economical and easy pricing system, so more and more people can take advantage of us and our professional cleaning services.


    Your carpets deserve to look their best! Do not neglect their condition and provide them with the care they need. We can free them of all types of bacteria, fungi, grime, dust, dust mites, germs, pollens, pet dander and other impurities. We are ready to save your carpets, are you ready to give us a call?

    We are at your disposal seven days of the week, early mornings till late evenings. We are waiting for you.

    “I wasted so much money and time on trying to clean the stains off my carpet. If only I had come across this company sooner. As soon as I called them and booked their carpet cleaning service, they made sure to tackle my problem and they amazed me with their professionalism and skills. Now I am enjoying a carpet which looks amazing. – Rachel”